Università di Pisa (UP)

Pisa, Italy

The University of Pisa (UP) is one of the most ancient and prestiogious universities in Italy. Its missions are higher education and scientific research. UP consists in 11 Faculty 52 Department and 26 Interdipartimental Research and Services Centre. Untill 31 december 2008 a total number of 21 7PQ projects presented by UP were in phase of negotiation or execution, (18 Cooperation, 2 People, 1 Euratom).

The Interdipartimental Centre of Agro-Environmental Research “E. Avanzi” (CIRAA) of UP is envolved in several research activities regarding mainly: organic and integrated agriculture, paying particular attention in the definition and testing of strategies for physical weed control in herbaceous and vegetable crops. In this respect many innovative machines, able to perform properly mechanical and thermal treatments, were projected, built, tested, optimized and patented. Other important aspects of research concern with: envinromental friendly soil disinfection, food safety and quality, technological innovations, management of green urban areas and environment preservation.

Role in the project

UP – CIRAA will lead the WP3 – “Actuation System”. Moreover, the main research task of UP – CIRAA will be to identify, project, realize, test and optimize the most suitable tools and equipments for mechanical and thermal weed control able to work properly on the actuators unit as “end effectors”.

Scientific Partners