Università degli Studi di Florenze (UF)

Florence, Italy

The University of Florence is placed in the Tuscany Country. The research agricultural and forestry institutes can avail itself of the wide, historical and typical vineyard, and olive crop, of the of Central Italy as the so called “Chiantishire” The whole institution holds 4240 workers with an annual budget 539 M€ (2008).

The researches at the Department of Agricultural and Forest Engineering (www.diaf.unifi.it) – 22 members - point to find solutions at the challenges of global changing, improving food security and environmental protection. Thanks to the teaching structures at the School of Agriculture at the University of Florence, this activity relies on its resources for the School’s degree programs as well as to organize PhD programs in “Agro-Forest Engineering.” The DIAF has scientific collaborations with numerous Italian research organizations and provides technical support to numerous institutions and public and private bodies. The DIAF’s staff, belonging to the First School of Agriculture in Italy to focus on Tropical agriculture, has in-depth sector knowledge that it uses for studies, research, teaching and consulting.

DIAF manages and promotes research projects in collaboration with national, international and local agencies, SME and other partners. In particular, it is involved in projects of cooperation in less development country founded by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission, Italian firm and several NGO.

Role in the project

Expert in agrochemical spray techniques, equipment and specific devices and controls. Expert on manufacturer assistance in design, making and test new systems to precise control of spraying.

Scientific Partners