Tropical S.A. (TRO)

Athens, Greece

TROPICAL S.A. is a Greek based company located in Athens, which consists of two major departments having on its portfolio more than 100 products with its own technology as well as know-how on most of these products. Forty (40) of these products are associated with A/C units for vehicles and sixty (60) are associated with Hydrogen + Fuel Cell technologies & Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Moreover, it has been certified from TUV HELLAS (Member of TUV NORD GmbH, Germany) for the Design and Production of Fuel Cell Systems with Certificate Reg. No: 04 100 20021692-E9. TROPICAL is an Industry member of the JTI on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.

TROPICAL is manufacturing PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 100Watt to 20kW (stationary & portable), Reformate Hydrogen (from Natural Gas, Methane, Ethanol, Biogases) PEM Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 1kW to 20kW, Electric & hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (bicycles, scooters, boats, cars & minibuses) & Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tanks

Role in the project

TROPICAL will bring its expertise having developed a full range of PEM Fuel Cell Systems (Pure Hydrogen or Reformate Hydrogen) as well as its knowledge on Metal Hydride Tanks Hydrogen Storage Tanks through other research projects. Moreover, it will focus on the design of the prototype PEM system (design & sizing of components) as well as on the development of it and simultaneously will use Metal Hydride Tank(s) for storing hydrogen on the vehicle.

Scientific Partners