Soluciones Agrícolas de Precisión S.L. (SAP)

Cordoba, Spain

Precision Farming Solutions S. L. is a SME created on October 2007 which works in the agricultural industry in order to introduce new technology products and systems, overall, GPS systems, computers and other electronic components. We are Trimble, Omnistar and RDS Tech dealer in Spain, and we have more than 200 customer and 7 sub-dealers in our area. The company has also the mission of to improve the traditional agricultural management in Spain, introducing new techniques based on Precision Farming, this is, guidance systems, yield monitoring and variable rate application. Another responsibility is to prepare and introduce the research done in the University of Cordoba, area of Agricultural Engineering, between our agricultural technicians as well as teaching/assisting the farmers on this kind of tools.

Role in the project

This company is involved as an end-user in activities related to agriculture applications and will collaborate in the development of the mechanical components as herbicide bars, new systems and commercial, DGPS technology and auto-guidance based on GPS for agriculture vehicles. In addition, SAP will participate actively with the other end-user (GP) in WP 8.

Scientific Partners