Irstea (IRS)

Montpellier, France

Irstea (previously Cemagref – CE) is a French public research institute of about 1000 employees, devoted to environmental and agricultural engineering. It is split in three departments covering water and land management, and agricultural issues. Two research units, ITAP (“Environnemental technologies” department) and TETIS (“Land use” department) will be involved in the RHEA project:

ITAP (Information - Technologies - environmental Analysis - agricultural Processes), located in Montpellier, south of France, is a joint research unit with AgroM, the French Faculty of Agronomy, which is a world-wide leader in viticulture. ITAP is a team of about 40 scientists and engineers, 15 among them being specialized in optical sensor development, image processing, spectrometry and chemometrics, as well as computer science for spatial data fusion and expert knowledge representation. Various facilities are available including laboratory optical instrumentation, hyperspectral imagery acquisition and mechatronics design and development.

TETIS (Land, environment, remote sensing and spatial information), located in Montpellier as well, is a joint research unit with CIRAD and AgroParisTech (Engineering school on Life and Environmental Science). Methodological research conducted by TETIS follows an integrated chain of spatial information, from data acquisition techniques- including satellite remote sensing – to data processing and analysis, data management and the use of information by stakeholders. These researches are applied to major thematic fields: agriculture, environment, resources, environments, territories, health, natural hazards, etc.

Role in the project

The Irstea group will be the leader of the WP 3 “Perception System”. In this WP, it will be in charge of various developments:

Main Scientific Partners