Instituto de Ciencias Agrarias

Madrid, Spain


CSIC-ICA is one of the leading institutions in Spain in agricultural research. The scientific structure of ICA, with two complementary areas: Crop Protection and Environmental Contamination, is appropriate to deliver relevant information on several of the most important aspects related to agricultural production. In addition, the close links existing with various groups of the Institute of Natural Resources (both Institutes share the same facilities within the Centre of Environmental Sciences) makes possible a close co-operation with these groups and a better consideration of the environmental effects of agriculture. The CSIC-ICA group has been one of the pioneers in Spain in research on precision agriculture

Role in the project

The main tasks of the CSIC-ICA group for the project are: to participate in the definition of the overall system features, the selection of potential test scenarios and the definition of the project final tests, conducting the preliminary system assessment as well as the final demo.

Scientific Partners