Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW)

Vienna, Austria

The Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW) is the joint research centre of leading players in telecom business and science in Austria, including major telecom equipment manufacturers, network operators, and the Universities of Technology in Vienna and Graz. Established in 1998 within the Austrian government’s Kplus Competence Centres Program, FTW conducts co-operative research in the following core research areas: Signal and Information Processing, Packet Networking, Networked Services and Distributed Systems, Digital Content and User Interaction, and Security and Privacy.

The research group of FTW is an international and multi-disciplinary team of more than 60 full-time researchers. Research work is supported by appropriate organizational structures and an efficient management and administration team.

Role in the project

FTW will act as the leader of WP 6 “Communication and location system”. And will develop the main part of the WP.

Scientific Partners