Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales

Madrid, Spain

The UPM-EII is a leading robotic school in Spain that have contributed to the design of many different robotics system ranging from manipulation and teleoperation devices to aerial robotics. The research group participating in RHEA started his work in robotics in 1980. Currently it is form by 4 Professors, 6 Doctors and 12 graduated students, working on topics related with robotics ( Nowadays the main research areas are related with: Aerial robotics, Microrobotics, Service robots and Telerobotics. This group has designed and developed several robots for special applications (Service Robots) in the frame of European or Spanish projects, acquiring a large experience that has been applied in several commercial systems already in the market or in real duty. Robotics and Cybernetics group has been working for twelve years in UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). They are pioneers in Spain in this research area demonstrating capacity for performing the integration of Flight Control Systems, Mission Planning and Ground Control System.

Role in the project

The UPM-EII group in mainly involved in the Aerial robotic system and its coordination with Ground Mobile Units and Base Station.

Scientific Partners