AirRobot GmbH & Co. KG

Arnsberg, Germany

AirRobot GmbH & Co. KG is a privately financed company (SME), which has developed a specific product named AirRobot (micro aerial system) MAS. The AirRobot (AR) is not an “unidentified flying object”, but a lightweight flying object system (1.3 kg) which is considered as a unique and highly sophisticated product. All mechanical parts are manufactured individually either by hand, on CNC lathes or by Laser-Forming. The electronic components, such as the SMD-style printed circuit boards, are also developed and manufactured by specialized engineers in the team. Based on this system, the company develops further, scaled systems to support future customer requests.

The AR is an autonomously situation-regulated flight platform. This product has very special characteristics, detailed as follows:

A modular payload concept makes the AR applicable for different types of missions. Hence this product has several users: police, army, fire brigade, disaster management, security, environmental protection, weather, service, aerial photograph, TV.

Additional options are available: Daylight colour video sensor, Dawn b/w video sensor, High-resolution digital photography, Thermal image camera, Measuring instruments, custom specific development.

The AR100-B (2nd generation) is described on the homepage and was shown at exhibitions like Milipol in Paris or Interschutz in Hannover.

Role in the project

The role of AirRobot is to develop and provide two UASs, with up to 2kg payload. Additionally, AirRobot will collaborate with the Technical University of Madrid in the tele-operation of the UAV. And in other task related with the aerial mobile units.

Scientific Partners